TV brings joy to many, hatred of few and mixed emotions to others. whatever might be the situation, few love to sit on the couch with a snack in hand and a remote in the other, watching something of their favourite will calm and relax them.

There are few people who really hate spending time in front of a dummy box. Well, for such folks, we also have some good news. You just needn’t watch these soaps or sports, you can always prefer to listen to radio, customise them and re-listen whenever you need. There is awide variety of channels to watch out for! If you are a tech savvy, there is discovery science especially designed for science lover, if you are ananimal lover, then needless to say there are many out. If you are passionate about cooking, then you have awide range of cooking shows, if you are a fashion lover, then comeon there are hundreds of channel showcasing the current trends in fashion.

They are all information in various ways. So you needn’t be bugged up with the old saga and stories that might be irrelevant to you. we are a leading provider of satellite TV services offering awide variety of channels and programmes under packages.  The quality and cost in unmatchable to any service provider in the market.

We are not boasting about self, but we speak based on our customer feedback and reviews. We have designed concepts and channels, keeping each one in mind. From the best quality channels to best customer service, we provide everything to make your TV experience an enjoyable and worthy time, rather than a time wasted.

  • We have got over 200cahnnels
  • Being a loyal customer, you get timely perks and discounts to rejoice about.
  • We offer the best DVR technology and it's been awarded.
  • We offer the option of ‘watch later’ using recording, so never miss out a fav info or a sports

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